Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She's Ready for Her Close-Up, Ruth!

Ruth Lyons (L) and Gloria Swanson appearing on the competition circa 1950.

"For the most part Miss Swanson was suave and gracious. But I understand there was a slight clash of personalities when she appeared on Ruth Lyons’ show…Lyons opened the show by saying…it made her feel good to have somebody on the show older than Ruth is. Well, this must have gotten under Gloria’s skin a little bit, because at the first opportunity she asked Ruth whether she had children and when Ruth said she had a little girl six years old La Swanson cracked back:
“Your granddaughter no doubt.”
In another lively exchange between these two ladies, Ruth remarked that she was very happy because she had lost some weight lately and Gloria came back with: “Really? And where did you lose it—it’s hardly apparent.”
--Cincinnati Enquirer, Joseph Garretson, June 14, 1950

Images: "Remember With Me", Doubleday, 1969; coutant.org

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