Monday, April 23, 2012

Elephants for Ike

“These elephant bookends, finished in one of the Rookwood Pottery Co’s unique glazes,* will be sent to President Eisenhower Thursday. The elephants, symbol of the Republican Party, contain the signature of the President. They were engraved by Earl Menzel, master potter, who copied the signature from a public document in Washington. The presentation is being made by the pottery firm and the Hamilton County Republican Group.”

--Cincinnati Post, September 21, 1955, printed as photo and cutline on the comics page.

“These [the elephant bookends] are now in the collection of elephant models belonging to Milton Eisenhower.”

--The Book of Rookwood Pottery, 1968

*A glaze so “unique” it goes without a description leaving a black and white photo to suffice.

Image: The Book of Rookwood Pottery, Herbert Peck, Bonanza Books, 1968

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