Monday, April 9, 2012

A Chinese Riff

Vanceburg, Ky., June22—Chin Kee, who is suspected of making the murderous attack on Charley Ching Foo in Cincinnati, and who is supposed to be a member of the Tongs, came to this city Tuesday night on C. and O. Train No. 4, and stopped at the Carter House. He registered in his right name, and was assigned to Room No. 39. He arose early Wednesday morning and left on the steamer Greenwood for Portmouth. Kee pawned his watch to the hotel proprietor, Jack Carter, for $1 and a night’s lodging. The watch has his photograph in the case. The timepiece is a splendid gold affair, with chains and a very peculiar charm.

--Cincinnati Enquirer, June 23, 1905


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