Monday, March 5, 2012

The Longing for Earlier, Simpler Times

Six-tile, six-color, cuenca or tube-lined architectural panel of a Dutch couple, 12” x 18”, early 20th Century and a “fancy head” 'standard glaze' portrait vase inscribed ‘After Franz Hals’, 8” x 3 ½”, Grace Young, 1903

“…For 1903 there are 14 known ‘fancy heads’ inspired by Old Masters, all by Grace Young. These are the last known depictions…except for a 1907 vase by Edith Felton…From about 1900 until the beginning of World War I, American culture was fascinated by the Low Countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands), especially all things Dutch. Rookwood took advantage of this fashion through Grace Young’s work, and through mat-glazed architectural tiles depicting Dutch scenes.”

--Anita Ellis, Rookwood and the American Indian, 2007, Ohio University Press

Images: Private collection

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